Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 by Gauher Chaudhry

I hardly ever promote anything related to Internet Marketing because it’s such an oversaturated market with A LOT of awful products and scam artists.

However, Gauher Chaudhry is releasing his new Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 (PPCF 2.0) course on March 31st and I just HAD to let you all know a few things.

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For those of you who don’t know Gauher, he is a *master* of making a ton of dinero with pay per click to cpa offers. He released the first version of Pay Per Click Formula almost 3 years ago, and it is completely responsible for $40k+ of extra cash for me. No joke.

I have spent WAY TOO much cash on educational marketing courses lately, and PPCF is definitely in my TOP 5 of ALL TIME. It really is *that* good.

So fast forward to today- Pay Per Click Formula has been completely revamped, rewritten and updated to adapt to the current marketplace.

Here’s What is New:

* Will include live footage from the PPCF 2.0 seminar
* Full video and PDF training spread over 20 modules
* Case studies
* Most Powerful PPC to CPA Forum
* On-going access and support without a continuity fee
* And much more..

"CPA" is really a buzzword these days because of how seemingly easy the process seems. You don’t have to convince people to buy anything! You can literally get paid just for a 5 digit zip code, or a person’s email address. It seriously is the *simplest* cash I’ve ever made.

And, Gauher is the *best* guy to learn this stuff from. A lot of fake wanna-be marketers came out with rip-off courses over the last few years, including previous STUDENTS of Gauher. But Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 leaves ALL these courses in the dust.

How do I know? I’ve seen it. Since I was a member of the first PPCF course, I got a FREE upgrade to 2.0 (I told you Gauher was a great guy!)

And there are some KILLER techniques in Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 that are already making me a *ton* of extra cash in CPA commissions. Like I said, he completely owns this market.

If you don’t have Gauher’s Free 89-page report "Insider’s Guide to CPA Profits" then click here to get it.

It’s worth more than other $1000+ products and it is completely free. Even if you don’t buy Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 you’ll get a TON of knowledge from this report. Read more on this Pay Per Click Formula 2.o Review.